About Negar

Negar Shekastehband (b. 1987) is a jeweler and sculptor living on the Swedish west coast. Born and raised in Iran, Negar Shekastehband has crafted jewelry and sculpted, since she was a child. She later studied sculpture and fine arts at the Tehran University of Art.

Negar’s work is strongly influenced by nature in Sweden and Iran. Her jewelry starts out as a series of sketches, which evolve until the form finds its true expression. The pieces are then hand-crafted in her workshop in Sweden.

“A strong piece of jewelry has depth. It’s about finding the right materials, the right technique and the right expression to make something that stands out. That gives the person wearing it a sense of joy and style.

“All forms express a feeling. A square shape can express stability. A triangle can mean energy. Finding the true nature of  a form or lifting out an overlooked detail such as a leaf that you haven’t paid attention to before – that’s how you create beauty.”

All pieces of jewelry include an identity card and will be delivered in elegant packaging.

Open for collaboration and custom-jewelry design. It is also possible to adapt individual pieces to specific requirements such as changes in material or color. Contact: negar.sh@me.com